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Here you have the easiest to use, yet most advanced EMA bot for trading Bitcoin and Litecoin and making money!



Ease of Use

Just drag and drop the file you received by email into Google Chrome, the bot will run as a Chrome Extension. Set up your API credentials, click "Apply Settings," and you're good to go!

Is it safe?

When downloading apps and using them with Bitcoin, you have to be careful. Our app uses API keys of your exchanges, it DOES NOT require any login information. A new API key can be set from the "Security Center" panel in your Bitstamp or BTC-e account.

Is it successful?

This bot uses the same EMA (Exponential Moving Average) logic that professional traders and industry grade (think investment bank) bots use to trade in currencies and has been used by thousands of satisfied customers over the last two years. If you need a better understanding of EMA logic, please see:

  • Supports trading on Bitstamp and BTC-e
  • Fully automated EMA based trading engine
  • Server backend for increased stability and performance
  • Powerful backtesting engine to find your optimal settings
  • Email notifications on imminent and executed orders
  • Fully customizable trading strategy
  • FIAT- and BTC-Reserves let you trade with only parts of your funds
  • Option to temporarily disable trading when you want to take over control
  • Graphs give a good overview about price and trend development
  • Trailing Stop Loss orders

"Its a very very good introduction to bitcoin trading using a well-known trading algorithm. Recommended."


"So far I am very pleased and nearly willing to commit even larger amounts of money to this bot as it has already paid for itself."

lalicat, reddit

"Based on the functionality and the enthusiasm and friendlyness of the person who wrote it, I would highly recommend it if you're looking for an automated trading bot..."

"And i have to say they do live up to their support claims. They are very prompt in their response and really helpful. After i reported a bug they released an update within 24 hours."